I started Bigg Mellow with a friend of mine. His name is jay. I had the idea to start an apparel company that will compete with the local LA based premium street wear brands. It would be something we can both place our creative ideas and imagination into. I wanted something of my own. I wanted to showcase the art and ideas I had in my head. So we sat down and talked the whole thing over. How do we start? What do we need? How do we get to the next step? I couldn’t wait to get started. After coming up with sketches and a few designs, we decided the shell would be the logo for the brand. The shell represents wisdom and wealth. It is an elemental symbol of longevity. In my case, the shell holds personal significance. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. I think up until now I have moved over 15 times. The places we lived in have always seemed temporary. So home became where ever we went. I had to take “home” with me every time we would move to a new area, just like the turtle takes its shell. Home became anywhere I felt comfortable. To this day, and house I move into seems like a hotel. Even if I am there for years. It is a strange feeling. So, the shell became a symbol of a mindset I want to show to the world. This would act as a centerpiece of my imagination and art. The name came from an idea I had about having a character trait as a name. Sort of like the cholos in the Los Angeles area. They always had names like joker or lil puppet. They were nicknames given to them by their peers in order to convey their most noticeable trait. An example I thought about was from a movie known as “the end of watch” two police officers walk into a backyard party in the hood of LA. They approach a man in the center of this party and say. So you’re big evil. Why do they call you that? The mans response was, because my evil is big as he gestures a circle around his head with both hands. This stuck with me. I recognized other people from my life in this scene. It reminded my of old gangsters I’ve met. And I don’t mean just bangers, or scary men. I mean real MF’s that do all that is necessary. People that are completely comfortable with mortality. People that are confident in any situation. So I thought about all the times I’ve ever heard anyone talk about me. What would they say if I was gone? What would people tell their friends about me? Who I was and what I did. And it always came back to “ that guy is a super chill dude”. He’s a big guy with an easygoing aurora about him. And there it was starting me in the face. Bigg mellow. And just like this example of this gangster, I too would be influential. You see, when he says his evil is big, its not just that he himself is evil. It also means the things around him are evil. The people and the places he interacts with become evil. They become like him. His evil is like gravity. Attracting this sort of element toward himself. He is now something larger than himself. He has become an idea and a state of mind. This is what I want to convey. Bigg does not only mean that physically I am a big guy. It also means I am larger than life. I have become an idea, a state of mind, legend. It is meant to convey that there is an aurora around me. And this feeling or state of mind I wish to present is being mellow. To be cool, calm, and collected. To be comfortable and confident in any situation because you are large and represent something larger than yourself. Growing up I was one of the big kids in school. I learned early on what it meant to have power. To instill fear into other people just by magnitude. This comes with responsibility, knowing when to act and what the proper response is. I found this fulfilling. I enjoyed when people would feel safe around me. I felt like a protector or guardian. So that’s how Bigg Mellow came to be. I represent something larger than myself and present a mellow mindset within my environment. I hope you all enjoy every piece of art as much as I like creating it for you. Much love to all of you! I will see you at the next one, peace.