Who do you trust?

Every day is a new challenge that we have to face. Getting up and chasing the dreams we have just awoke from. Each day I am inspired to do better than I did yesterday. To become a better version of myself everyday that passes.

I fill my days with actions that I will thank myself tomorrow for. I work toward my dream to leave a legacy behind. I want to inspire the people that will do the same after me. I do this to perfect my craft and to inspire future generations. I want to be remembered for doing something that not everyone can do, or is willing to do. Dedicate your time and energy to something larger than yourself. To become remembered for the impossible. Live a life that you love. Never feeling like you need to take a vacation. Our lives should be fun and exciting! I don’t believe in this 9-5 mentality. Make a live worth living. Don’t sell your soul. Be true to yourself. I truly believe that investing in yourself is the most rewarding thing in this world. Who do you trust more than yourself?