Five Reasons You Should Get Around to Traveling: Mexico


I’m feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes in the next few weeks! Why you ask? One word: Mexico.

I truly believe that traveling is one of the best ways to put yourself out there and learn new things in the greatest way. International travel is especially awesome because you get the chance to immerse yourself in a culture different than your own, and though that may be uncomfortable at times it can also bring a new element to your life that simply can’t be replaced with anything else. So why Mexico? Here’s my top five reasons you should start planning your Mexico excursion today.

  1. The Weather. Mexico is a fantastic place to go to hit the beach and recharge, even in early March. The sunshine affords just about year-round luxe, just like my much loved home state of California which makes the short two and a half hour car ride from home pretty much a no-brainer. The sunshine leads to captivatingly beautiful views, which makes it so easy to stay and so hard to leave.

  2. Cheap Thrills. Want to ride a horse on the beach? What about a rockin’ resort spa massage for about half the price as one you’d get in the States? How about an hopping on a quad for a twenty dollar half-hour tour? I enjoyed my trip so much that there was hardly time to fit it all in. So what if I flipped a quad and definitely needed an ice pack for my left hand just about halfway through my trip, it was still worth it. Be warned, though, that most of the activities you can find for an inexpensive price in Mexico will come with little to no guidance so if, for instance, you’re planning on riding an ATV on the beach be sure to take it slow and ask for help if you need it.

  3. Great Food. If you’re from Southern California you know the joy of Mexican food already. We SoCalers are notorious for being connoisseurs in our own right of delicious Mexican cuisine. I can tell you that literally everything I tasted while in Mexico was downright delicious and truly nothing compares to authentic food right from the source.

  4. Touristy Shopping. If you want to get some really cheap new digs I recommend the shopping you’ll find in Mexico. Be sure to pick up a great pair of leather huaraches or some silver jewelry without breaking the bank.

  5. Beautiful Lodging. You can score an unbelievably beautiful hotel or villa for a crazy cheap price in Mexico. I stayed in one of the most gorgeous resort hotels in Rosarito for such a fair price it blew my mind. Always be mindful of the area you stay in, of course. Mexico is still considered an undeveloped country so while vacationing don’t be surprised if you run into a certain amount of poverty as well. The people are very welcoming, especially if you learn a few key Spanish phrases before you go, but never forget that your safety is the top priority and if you feel uncomfortable it’s probably best to avoid the area.


There are so many more reasons to take a trip to Mexico, but if you’re like me and you tend to be a little intimidated by planning a whole trip by yourself cruises are a great way to go too. A cruise will give you the chance to see all the beauty and experience the food and shopping but in smaller doses with more structure to your getaway.

So get your plan on! Start with Mexico and I promise the beautiful beaches and rich culture will not disappoint.

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With lots of Cali sunshine and love,

Tiffany J.