Blog Happy

Agree or Disagree

I believe that there may not be anything better than a well deserved night off after a long work week. Here at Bigg Mellow we have been working extra hard to bring out new products, new ideas, and new content regularly. I personally have been spending lots of time brainstorming about how to kick it into high gear concerning bringing you our best and most exciting ideas, shared right here on the website. I have to tell you though, sometimes the very best ideas come from you guys. Whenever I get the opportunity to speak to some of our followers and the people who believe in the brand I just feel that much more motivated to make that exchange more enjoyable.

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Thoughts About Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot on what I wanted to talk about here with you on the blog, and after talking to a close associate of mine at length, I decided to talk to you about something that touches me every day. Something genuine: happiness and balance.


Happiness Is Essential

It takes small victories every day to that remind us what is really worth fighting for. Happiness comes to me in the form of working hard and making other people feel good. There are so many people in my life that I am thankful for, and I believe that being grateful leads to happiness. Happy people can move others to make good choices, to build a great life, and to turn bad situations around. Happiness rubs off, and it’s something we all need. What brings you happiness?


Balance Is Needed In Success

There are differing views on success, but mine has to do with the way we live our lives and how to know when we’re making the choices that will lead us onward to better things and better situations continuously. Balance is needed because of the fine line between working hard, and working your strength away. I feel that rest and relaxation is so important, just as important as creativity and hard work because it allows us to recharge and get ready to do it all again. Balance also brings a mentality that helps us get through the hard times when they inevitably come. I try to remember that when they do, they’ll always end no matter how difficult a situation may be.


Blog Happy

I'd like to explain to you as to why choose I collaborate with this company that I think is so great. Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, and Bigg Mellow has given me that opportunity. Doing things that make you happy are of such huge importance if you want to maintain balance and at the same time make an impact on those around you.

Speaking of making an impact, there are lots of exciting things coming your way in the next few months and with our Mexico excursion coming up so soon I can say with most certainty that we will be sure to keep you guys in the loop the whole time.

So blog happy my good readers! Stay with us for new content and be sure to write us yourself, and tell us what makes you happy and brings you balance. I can't wait to talk with you again soon!


With much California love and all our West Coast sunshine coming your way,

Tiffany J.