Nice to meet you...

Hello, Nice to Meet You...


Hi there, dear Bigg Mellow followers and fans! I have to tell you, I'm so excited to be posting for my very first time as a part of the Bigg Mellow team! My name is Tiffany J. and I have been a fan of the brand, pretty much since its inception. That's not just because I have known its creators and brainstormers for many years, or because they're awesome guys, or because I absolutely love my super soft, extra comfy, limited edition heather gray crewneck sweatshirt (special order of course😉) and wear it whenever I get the slightest bit chilly (think… beach bonfire, outdoor bbq and hookah sesh with buddies, or LA Galaxy game and the home team is kicking major ass). Sure, those things are totally rad, but they aren't the only reasons why I support Bigg Mellow or why I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. Here's why Bigg Mellow matters to me, and why your support matters to us:


Bigg Mellow Is A Lifestyle Brand


What is a lifestyle brand? Well, I didn't look it up on Google or anything, but what it means to me is simply being your brand every day. The guys who bring you Bigg Mellow products live the things they promote. They are fashion forward, passionate, and dedicated. I can't tell you how many times I’ve hit up Jon (the founding father himself) to join me for some fun excursion only to be told he's got Bigg Mellow business to handle. But, not always. Sometimes we make plans to go out and have drinks in the middle of the week at our favorite happy hour, or chow down on some of the best burgers in town (go to Slater's 50/50 and try the bison bacon burger with vampire dip, it will literally change your life); and when we do I always end up standing in front of my closet before I leave my house carefully selecting an outfit, casual yet stylish, so as not to be outdone by my fashionable business counterpart. I didn't go to the most renowned fashion school in LA, nor have I walked (many) high fashion runways (...more on that later), but I know a well dressed person when I see one, even if it is “just streetwear”.


But why should you care?


Well, the guys from Bigg Mellow are all about relationships. Recently we had a conversation that really made an impression on me. First, you should know that Bigg Mellow fashion is a hip-hop inspired line. The shell you see on the garments is a representation of wisdom, i.e. the tortoise and the hare. But basically, it's about commitment. Commitment to your community, your family, your people, your dreams. In years past the business side of hip-hop has been about the almighty dollar. There are so many stories of artist getting big, and then going broke to support a “lifestyle”. That's not what we're about. We are about creating something lasting. Something that moves people, generations even. The dream is for these guys to be able to hand something down, but not just to their kids or grandkids, but to the communities they come from and to be able to give back to the people that were part of the success before they knew it would be one. That inspires me. That's why I paid full price for most of the Bigg Mellow gear I own. And that's why I support it.


Bigg Ideas From the Beginning: The Inland Empire


In case you aren't from SoCal, or aren't familiar with it, let me fill you in. The Inland Empire is an area just outside of Los Angeles that is known for its warm weather and easy living. Without the hustle and bustle of LA we still maintain notoriety with our diverse mixture of shopping, nightlife, dining, residential, and even rural areas. With well over 4 million residents occupying this unique stretch of California land, we have our own little culture and buzz happening, and that's just the way we like it. Don't get me wrong, LA is THE happening capital of the West Coast, and I won't dispute that, but it's that simpler way of living where you might not have to try so hard to stand out (or fit in) that the IE definitely makes its mark.


I love living in the Inland Empire because I grew up here and it's home to me. I grew up in Fontana, but it’s almost like the surrounding cities are seamless. I always had friends all over the place, close enough to drive to, or get a ride to, or get picked up from. I met Jordan and Jon in my pre-teens. Growing up in a city that's just big enough to explore and just small enough to recognize faces when you stop at the grocery store is pretty cool. It was just big enough for me to sneak out with my high school boyfriend and not get caught, but just cozy enough to know that whenever I went to pick something up at the market I would see Carmen's smiling face asking me how my family’s doing. She retired late last year but that's a side note. Bigg Mellow comes straight from the IE, not just my hometown but my space. I love my city, my area, and my home state of California. And to me, that's what it represents. Not just the Inland Empire, or even California living, but truly being proud of where you're from.


Fashion Inspiration From Tiffany J.


So what's my take away on fashion this in a nutshell today? Honestly, I love everything menswear. High fashion to streetwear, I love it all. I love a well-fitting suit and can't resist a well put together pair of jeans, sneakers, and a button up. I like what guys wear to house parties and to cocktail parties. I like androgenous looks a lot too. I like men in menswear, and I love women in menswear. I can't wait to see what Bigg Mellow comes out with next so I can add it to my already ridiculously huge wardobe. And I promise you, you will know as soon as I do!


Nice Meeting You.


Thanks for reading my first blog post, I love you so much for that. For so long I have wanted to do fashion blog and Bigg Mellow has afforded me that opportunity. Many thanks to the awesome dudes in charge, and for real, I can't wait to talk to you guys again. Soon.


With Much Cali Love,


Tiffany J. 😘

Bigg Mellow, Fashion Blog Contributor