This past week

This passed week

A lot has been happening here at the bigg mellow headquarters. We have been doing collaborations with all sorts of brands from all over the country. Cant wait for you guys to see what we have cooking up. If you want to hit us for collaboration or some promotional opportunities hit us up on here or the instagram account. Our marketing director will get you all squared away. And speaking of promotions, this week we will be hitting our first podcast. Shout out to the hommies over at “literally a podcast” for this dope opportunity! We will be shooting this interview for all you fans out there, so look out for it on YouTube. We just got a new camera so we will be trying it out for the first time! Lets see what we can do with this cannon rebel t6. We will get the video up as soon as possible! We will be covering the brand, current events, guns, sex, and rock and roll! Just playing. But foreal we will be taking questions during the shoot so make sure to follow us on twitter so you can submit your questions! We will be answering as many as possible. Thanks again to josh and the whole crew!


Moving on! We are scheduling a video shoot this month. So if you are interested in being apart of a music video, send us an email. (Contact page) Also, if anyone is looking to expand their modeling portfolio we have opportunities for you. This is also for anyone who is just getting started. As in no experience is necessary. Just email us and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. On a side not if you guys catch us out there at the taco sesh, pull up and say hey. We got a surprise for you!


Alright if you haven’t seen the latest promotion from us, here it is. All you have to do is tag and share your friends on to the page or post and we will send you a discount code on your next purchase. If they do the same thing, they will also get a code. So start spreading the love around. GET EVERYONE SOMETHING FRESH FOR THE SUMMER!!! For those of you looking ahead, we will be releasing beanies, hoodies, windbreakers, and scarves for this fall and winter season so keep an eye out. Subscribe right here on the site so you can be notified first and get your before they sell out. Remember these will be limited runs so get yours fast!


Ok, last thing before I signoff. Every week I will be dropping a new single! So go find me on sound cloud, audiomac, band camp, spotify, apple music, ITunes, Google play and all that so you can listen to a new song weekly. I will be doing this every week until I can’t anymore! So it would be much appreciated if you guys could support me by listening on any of the streaming site or buying the merch right here on the site!

Alright, ill see you at the next one, peace.