Supporting dreams

The hommie drew came through tonight to pick up his limited edition Bigg Mellow OG tee. I handed him the shirt and told him “freshly pressed hommie, here you go”. He asked me what do I owe you? Full price, or hommie price? He told me, I don’t believe in hommie price, I believe in you, how much? Twenty. Fashow bro, here you go. Placed the twenty in my pocket and we began to catch up on some things. Telling each other about the goals we have for our business. For the few moment we were there, something kept coming up in the back of my mind. Real hommies pay full price. If they really believe in what you are doing, they would support you to the fullest. If strangers can believe in you and come up out there pockets to support your endeavors, why not the people you consider friends? I’m not saying I’m against hooking people up and surprising them with something fresh. I’m just saying I don’t like that people assume they will get hooked up because they know me. I’m not with that shit. Put that money where your mouth is hommie. So a great BIGG thank you to OMO, I appreciate you hommie! Its crazy think back and remember where we were just a few years ago. I never would have thought that you would be one hommie to stick around. Truth is, I’ve learned a lot from you, and I hope we continue to be hommies for a long time. Much love to you and your family! I’ll see you next time, peace.