Is it your Birthday???

Everyone looks forward to their birthday right? Of course they do. But why only celebrate the one day? Why not the whole month right? Well, Bigg Mellow is going to try something different for the remainder of this year. We will be hooking everyone up! Every month a new promo code will be released. It will be good for your entire birthday month, not just the day you were born. You will be able to use this discount over and over for the whole month. Here is how to redeem the code. First, find Bigg Mellow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Next, send a message, Dm, or tweet us on any of the platforms letting us know you want to get hooked up. After verification of your birthday on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (please make sure its in your bio and visable) the team will send you your code. After that, head over to and use the code during check out. This code is good for all products on site. Be sure to share this and tag a friend who deserves a hook up for their birthday this year! In case we missed yours this year already, (January – April) just send us a message and you too can enjoy the savings! See you guys at the next one, Peace.