Creativity and Chaos

Hi, readers!

I’m so excited to be coming to you with some more of our latest Bigg Mellow updates! Last nights topic of discussion over some of the best sushi in the Inland Empire was making your mark on society, impacting those around you, and leaving a story for future generations to pick up where we leave off and continue the legacy. Not only did we get to try oyster shooters (Jonathan for the first time) but we also got to have some inspiring conversation about where life, and this awesome brand is taking us.



Let’s start today’s blog by talking about Bigg moves, literal and figurative. There’s truly nothing like relocating to a new city. I won’t lie to you and say it’s not a whole lot of work, but if we’re on the topic of rewarding changes- relocating, I’d say, has to be at the top of the list. There’s something about having a place to start from scratch with that really excites me, and even though it can be uncomfortable at times to be out of your element there are so many reasons why a little change of scenery can make all the difference in the creative process.

On the topic of change and it’s direct connection to creativity first things first: nothing, and I mean nothing, sparks the creativity in me personally like a little bit of chaos. The kind of chaos that’s created when you have no choice but to let things happen in whatever way that they do and let the chips fall where they may. That being said there are so many ways that you can prepare for this kind of thing to make it a positive experience and something you can learn from and really enjoy. For instance, I personally have experienced a time of big changes and chaotic events recently. Without boring you with the details, I’ll just tell you that it took a lot of growing up in a small time period, a lot of tough choices, and a whole lot of support from the people who mean the most to me.

What on earth does that have to do with creativity? Simply put, this: I’ve been given a unique opportunity to build my own legacy through the circumstances around me, an opportunity to create opportunities. That to me is huge. One of the greatest things about just starting out is that the blank canvas that is my legacy has the potential to be so grand and so impactful just by surrounding myself with people who feel the same way. There are so many ways to make possibilities real when you have people around you who also believe that anything is possible and are willing to work hard at making their goals realities. My personal goal is to work hard and do good to those around me in every capacity possible.



One of my favorite things about Bigg Mellow as a brand is the fact that every person involved be it its creators, its collaborators, or its consumers is a part of something creatively bigger. Over an oyster shooter and a saki bomb or two, we discussed the possibilities. The idea that a brand can be a platform that an artist may use to promote his or her own art while still maintaining the specialness of being part of something impactful is revolutionary to me. This kind of thinking if that little bit extra that takes Bigg Mellow from apparel and streetwear company to hip lifestyle brand that is anything but transient. The idea of a legacy comes from the idea that we as contributors can make our mark on people, things, circumstances now and leave something after us that creates wist and hey, let’s be honest, is still dope enough to translate through more than one generation - like the moonwalk or a Burberry scarf in late October in any fashionable city in the world. The point is that it translates to any person of any background and says something about you. Those two things have something in common. They may or may not have something to do with with your social status, they might tell someone about your background or the kind of things you like, but they can also tell others that you believe that by representing something that many people recognize as iconic you yourself are capable of becoming iconic in your own ways. There’s nothing and no one that can take that from you if you live by it. That’s why I do, and that’s why Bigg Mellow is a brand I can relate to and personally support.

Creativity is a must if you want to be a part of something iconic. No one wants to be a cookie-cutter copy of something well-known. My way of doing that is by coming through the chaos and adversity, and difficulty, and being a part of a company that supports people through those times and gives artists the platform to make those times into something beautiful. That’s why I support Bigg Mellow’s legacy, and that’s why I really believe if you stay tuned with what’s going on with this brand, you will feel the same.


“Bring It On Home To You”

So taking a little line from one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, let me bring it on home. Regarding Bigg moves and moving forward, let’s just say we here at Bigg Mellow live that every day to the best of our ability. I really hope you continue following us here on the site and if you haven’t already please follow us on Instagram @BiggMellow & @Blog.Tiff.


Sending you lots of love (and Cali warmth of course),

Tiffany J.